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Where do you get the results?

We pull the results via rss from the best news and search sites on the web including Google, Yahoo, Technorati, Ask, YouTube, Truveo, Flickr, Blinkx, Ice Rocket, Digg, Topix, Newsvine and Tweetscan.

How can I personalize my results page?

Use your mouse to move the source boxes around the page and/or delete the sources you don't care about. As you make changes, we change the URL of your results dashboard. You just bookmark the page and the source boxes will organized the way you like them every time you come back to that bookmarked page.

If I remove a source, can I get it back?

Sure. Hit the "available sources" link just below our logo on any search results page. The sources you've deleted will have unchecked boxes. Check them, and they'll come back.

Can I suggest additional sources for Newsfix pages?

Definitely. If you have a suggested source or even an idea for a whole new page, drop us a line at enabler [at] addictomatic [dot] com.

What are Top Blogs?

Our Top Blogs search draws results from the top 150-200 blogs on the web. These blogs were editorially selected by the Addictomatic team with a lot of help from sources like the Technorati 100 and the blog reading lists of some of our favorite bloggers.

What are Top News Sources?

Top news sources include the top 15-20 news sites on the web such as CNN, The New York Times, etc.

Can I get my Addictomatic results via RSS?

Not yet. But we're working on a bunch of ways to make your results dashboard a little more portable.

What if I get hooked and I can't stop?

Welcome to the club.

Tip: You can drag and drop the sources to put them in any order you want. Then bookmark the page to save that custom view.