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  • Arevaderci

    Finding flaws in Flamanville PLANS for rescuing France’s ailing nuclear engineer, Areva, became a little clearer this week when the new boss of Electricité de France (EDF), Jean-Bernard Lévy, des...
  • Managing partners

    IN THE run-up to the British election this month, it was taken for granted that politics was entering an age of alliances. No party would win a majority; that much seemed certain. The question was whe...
  • Kiwis as guinea pigs

    IN MEDICINE, trials are conducted on guinea pigs, rats, mice and rabbits. In digital businesses, tests are performed on New Zealanders. Their country is proving the perfect location for software firms...
  • Knock ’em down, build ’em up

    Hard hats, hard times for Dilma IN 2014 Brazilian builders had a bumper year. Stadiums had to be ready in a dozen cities for the football World Cup in June, airports spruced up to welcome foreign vis...
  • Doubling down

    AFTER years of spectacular growth that propelled Macau past Las Vegas to become the gambling capital of the world, the territory has hit a rough patch. So you might expect that the gathering of the ca...
  • Is there a creeping deregulation of health care?

    Nebraska became the 20th state to adopt a law that makes it possible for nurses in a variety of medical fields with most advanced degrees to practice without a doctor’s oversight. Maryland’s gover...
  • *Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future*

    That is the new book by Ashlee Vance, and so far it is the book I have enjoyed most this year.  Highly recommended. Here is a short piece on how Elon Musk created a separate school just for his kids.
  • The Great Stagnation spreads

    Chris Giles and Sam Fleming at the FT report: Output per worker grew last year at its slowest rate since the millennium, with a slowdown evident in almost all regions, underscoring how the problem of...
  • Paul Krugman on productivity stagnation

    That is the topic of his column today, I had not seen this very good point before: One possibility is that the numbers are missing the reality, especially the benefits of new products and services. I...
  • Monday assorted links

    1. Japanese planned markets in everything uh-oh. 2. I still prefer MapQuest. 3. And I thought rice was an inferior good. 4. How far can a Montrealer go on a hoverboard?  (guess before clicking) 5. Sh...

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