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  • Build Your Own Pocket Socket Wrench Keychain

    Keychains make awesome toolkits , but one tool that seems to always be missing is a socket wrench. Over on Instructables, DIYer M3G remedied that with a pocket socket wrench.Read more...
  • The Mohu Channels Is a Streaming Box That Works Seamlessly with Antennas

    When it comes to cutting cable, there are two main pieces most people try: free, over-the-air TV with an antenna, and streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. Both are great in their own right, but t...
  • Give Your Glossy Tech a Brushed Finish with Stripping Pads

    If you hate the look of glossy plastic (or if your gadgets have just gotten scratched and marked beyond recognition), you can give it a better looking “brushed” finish by sanding it down with some...
  • Five Best Ebook Readers

    If you like taking your books on the go, you’ve never had more options. The best ereaders are slim, have batteries that last for weeks, and come in both e-ink and color varieties, have multiple scre...
  • PSA: Remember, You Can Sell Your Broken Gadgets on eBay

    It’s a sad day when a beloved piece of tech finally bites the dust. But don’t go throwing it in the garbage! Remember that you can sell broken tech on eBay and put a little cash back in your pocke...

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