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  • Nintendo Teases A 'Big E3'

    It appears that Nintendo is going to have a lot to share with us in a few months as a company executive has said that Nintendo has a "Big E3" planned for its fans. Speaking with Fox News, Nintendo of...
  • Titanfall 2: Colony Reborn DLC Set For March 30th Released

    Titanfall 2 has been out for a while which means that gamers have probably gone through most, if not all of the content available for the game. Sure, there is multiplayer mode that helps keep things i...
  • Halo Wars: Definitive Edition Could Be Coming To Steam

    Earlier this year, it was announced that Halo Wars 2 would be getting a physical release for Windows 10 . In addition to the announcement, Halo Wars: Definitive Edition was also announced and would be...
  • Possible Galaxy S8 Camera Launch Shortcut Revealed

    While huge and rich displays with high-resolutions, fast and powerful processors, and amazing cameras are great and marketable features of smartphones, sometimes it is the small details that helps bri...
  • Google Home Just Gained A Bunch Of New Skills

    Just like how smartphone apps really help to make a platform great , skills are what make devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Assistant more functional and useful. Now Amazon's Alexa has had a...

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