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  • Khoi Vinh on Yosemite’s Look and Feel

    Khoi Vinh: This is true with Yosemite, too. Spend just a bit of time with it, and you can almost picture the iterations to come, when future releases will have fully worked out the visual language...
  • Porno From Apple

    Carl Smith: It turns out Apple thought the best way to tell us our app could be used to surf porn was to surf for porn using our app. Then send us some pictures and say take a look at these! Excep...
  • BBEdit 11

    Solid update to my favorite app of all time. Markdown? Created in BBEdit. My articles on Daring Fireball? The long ones have all been written in BBEdit. Some really nice improvements to syntax colorin...
  • The Ethics of The Guardian’s Whisper Bombshell

    Ryan Chittum, writing for Columbia Journalism Review: What The Guardian did was entirely ethical. Whisper told its reporters highly newsworthy facts about its own service. The information was all...
  • The Difference 30 Years Makes

    Kent Akgungor: 80 of the original Macintosh displays fit within a single Retina 5K display.  ★ ...

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