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  • Shailene Woodley's 'White Bird' fails to soar

    White Bird in a Blizzard is blank, pale and flat when it needs to be probing and suspenseful. A hybrid that spans an erotic coming of age story, murder mystery and melancholy story of grief, it seems...
  • Citizenfour's Laura Poitras Explains Why Edward Snowden Did It

    With the first two documentaries in her post9-11 trilogy -- My Country, My Country , a portrait of Iraq under American occupation, and The Oath , which focused on two Guantnamo Bay prisoners -- Laura...
  • 'John Wick' is a near-nonstop thrill ride

    In an intriguing cinematic twist, Keanu Reeves ' Matrix stunt double Chad Stahelski becomes his co-director with David Leitch on "John Wick," a visceral revenge thriller that marks a confident, muscul...
  • 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' trailer drops

    Marvel and Disney unleashed the first official look at the next Avengers movie on Wednesday night, not long after a leaked version made its way online, and now May can't come fast enough. The two-minu...
  • True story grabs actor's attention and promises the same for viewers

    People cry when they see Pride . Cry, then cheer. Pride is the true story of a group of gay activists who decided to put their campaigning energy behind Britain's coal miners during the year-long stri...
  • A Coffee in Berlin

    Nothing seems to go right for Niko Fischer: His girlfriend dumps him, he loses his driver's license, and his father cuts him off financially. With nothing else to do, he wanders around Berlin, crossin...
  • Life After Beth

    Following the death of his beloved girlfriend, Beth, Zach is first shattered and then overjoyed when she inexplicably comes back to life. Unfortunately, Beth's revivification soon transforms Zach's dr...
  • Neighbors

    New parents Mac and Kelly Radner love their neighborhood -- until a rowdy fraternity moves next door and changes the block into party central. As Mac tries to restore a baby-friendly environment, an e...
  • Sex Tape

    A married couple (played by Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel) wake up to discover that the sex tape they made the evening before has gone missing, leading to a frantic search for its whereabouts.
  • Gabrielle

    Musicians Gabrielle and Martin fall in love and want to begin a relationship, which is against the rules at the home for the disabled where they live. Refusing to part with Martin, Gabrielle is determ...

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