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  • DIY

    He is so lucky that I am not an avid crafter because I'd have a room full of shit like this.
  • A little experiment

    Would you look at what the dog dragged in.
  • Scopophobia

    One of the only shots I got of this howling water dog when I thought I would walk away with hundreds.
  • Tried and tested

    Crowdsourcing my friends for ideas to experiment with my hair. Sadly none of them are polygamists so tips for elaborate French braids will have to wait.
  • On Durphee Lake

    The silhouette of more summer memories in the Midwest.
  • Fun.

    The whole "18 Summers" thing has completely wrecked my parenting. You know, the "you've only got them for this long until they leave the nest and you're miserable so get off your fuckin...
  • If the shoe doesn't fit, throw it.

    My littlest one has never really liked wearing shoes, but lately, she's been taking them off in public. And then refusing to put them back on. This is fine if you're at, say, the beach. Or, a grassy k...
  • Language arts.

    I try to take the questionable language my kids sometimes use in stride. So while a fresh, sassy mouth will get you a quick send-off to the corner, a random "sucks" or "what the hell&qu...
  • Redecorating

    by min, who isn't all that sure about all this technical stuff is making some changes. Evil Dwight sent notices around: This weekend, we're planning to switch our blogs to a new system runni...
  • Speechless Wednesday

    by min who just can't resist sharing this stuff. Did y'all see this? EMBED-Cleaning The Cobra Pit - Watch more free videos I'm still having nightmares about those ones that are standing at attention b...
  • Green eggs and hands

    by Michelle, mom of a 4-year-old and a 5-month-old For the past four years, we've celebrated Easter with some close friends. During part of our time together, the kids dye Easter eggs. Here's Evan wit...
  • Attack of the pumpkins!

    by Michelle, mom of a 4-year-old, a 5-month-old and a lot of pumpkin plants A couple of weeks ago, I showed off a picture of the two tomatoes my mom and Evan planted. Several pumpkin seeds had started...
  • Dying

    by min, who's spending Easter on the ranch Tomorrow is Easter and I'm taking advantage of the fact that it is a holiday and am spending time with my family at "the ranch". The ranch is several hours W...
  • Fairy Party Box

    Stop running around from store to store in preparation for your kids birthday party. Instead, order this box of themed decorations, activities and treats from P.S. XO and let the paper goods, goodie b...
  • Areaware Alphabet Block Set

    Teach Junior the ABCs and engineering at the same time with these nifty mahogany and pine blocks. They’d even be perfect gifts for your favorite font fanatic.
  • Printed Jumpsuit

    Overalls are back in fashion this year, so why shouldn’t your little girl ride the trend as well? We’re keen on this cotton-lined pair from Zara in a lovely floral print that she can wear...
  • Mini Frog Set

    D’awwwwww! Could there be a cuter gender-neutral way to welcome a new little one? Parents-to-be will coo over this set, which includes an amphibious hat, rattle, stuffed frog, awake/sleeping door si...
  • Birthday Crown

    The pastic cone-shaped birthday hat just got kicked to the curb. Splurge on a handmade birthday crown to really take the celebration up a notch. Little Blue Olive makes these unique and lovely crowns...
  • Tech Tuesday: How I get out the door faster with Shoe Time Music

    I have tried many things to make mornings run smoother in my house — especially school days — like reconfiguring my kitchen so kids can make their own breakfasts, making lunches the night...
  • Activity #25: Host an ugly baby (clothes) contest

    Dress up your baby in the worst, ugliest gift outfit and invite over some other poorly dressed babies for a costume party and ugly-clothing contest. Dorky gifts, ratty hand-me-downs, and hopeless mism...
  • Star Wars birthday party ideas on a budget

    What’s the difference between a third child and a first child? The first child has a “Star Wars fourth birthday party” and he’s never seen Star Wars. The third child can hum al...
  • Two kids in a room. Or not.

    We are at a conference for the rest of the weekend, so I am re-posting this one from a couple years ago. Heather and I both live in Berkeley where houses are small, and expensive nonetheless. Our neig...
  • Get kids to listen without yelling {FREE class}

    We are so happy to tell you that we have partnered with Amy McCready’s company Positive Parenting Solutions to bring a free webinar to you guys on the topic of getting kids to listen – wit...

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