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  • Soak It

    Department: Beauty Recently I was at Target and took a walk down the beauty aisle that has all of the special and more high end products. I came upon some bath foam that I am very excited to try. I lo...
  • It Doesn't Take Much

    Department:Food I love that if you need to you can get several staple items at Target. At least at our local store. They have a dairy aisle, a bread aisle, cereal, chips, you know the drill.Yesterday...
  • New Target Brand Diapers. Not Improved Though

    Department: BabySo packaging is important and all, trust me- I brand companies for a living. The new and improved packaging on the Target diapers is great, and modern however I don't like the followin...
  • Ruffles + Pure White Goodness

    Department: BathI want everything to be simple these days and all white. While I am saddened by the news that Rachel Ashwell declared bankruptcy and Shabby Chic will fade away, Simply Shabby Chic will...
  • Merona, Your Go-To Fashion Label

    Department: Women's It is so great when you find a clothing label that you know will give you a great fit, a boost in confidence, and all at a great price. Heck, if you can grab it and go because the...

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