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  • Case #16: Lisa Klink

    Interview by Rae Hanson for When Lisa Klink approached us about being adopted, I jumped on the chance to interview her. Not only am I a huge fan of Lisa’s TV credits (Sta...
  • Case #15: Joel Metzger

    Interview by Juliana Weiss for Pink Raygun is a parent! We’ve adopted our first writer through “Adopt a Writer,” a program organized by entertainment bloggers in support o...
  • Case #14: Peter Murrieta

    Interview by Travis for The CineManiac (conducted in February 2008) Peter Murrieta’s writing career began in college when a professor recognized his gift for humor and introduced him to a Comedy...
  • Adopt a Writer Update

    The organizers of Adopt A Writer would like to thank all the writers who allowed us to interview them for this project. We truly enjoyed getting to know them and telling their stories and while we wou...
  • Case #13: David Leaf

    Interview by Jo for Jopinionated As someone who loves and works with music, I was tremendously honored and excited to be given the opportunity to interview David Leaf. As I prepared to speak with this...
  • The TV and Radio blog has moved!

    We’ve upgraded to a new blogging system and, consequently, the TV and Radio Blog has a new URL: Be sure to update your bookmarks!
  • KVUE's news team grows

    A couple familiar faces have temporarily returned to Austin TV news. Foti Kallergis Foti Kallergis and Amy Johnston-Harper are both filling in at KVUE for the next few months, helping the station ou...
  • New Kiss FM morning host a hit

    Elvis lives! Elvis Duran Just weeks after making his debut on pop-friendly 96.7 KHFI-FM, New York-based Elvis Duran is already Austin’s No. 2-rated morning host among listeners ages 18-49, one...
  • Chefs to compete in reality TV-style competition for spot at Scoot Inn

    Scoot Inn owner Doug Guller has cooked up yet another attention-grabbing stunt. Scoot Inn owner Doug Guller Guller and his company, ATX Brands, has managed to capture the attention of reality TV pro...
  • SiriusXM airing Willie Nelson concert

    Everyone’s lending a helping hand to the residents of West — even the Red-Headed Stranger. Willie Nelson Much of the small town, located just north of Waco, was leveled by a blast at a f...

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